Babyliss Spree (Hair styling tools) by Preciousia since 2009

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—===== Updated 25/05/2014 =====——

Curling tutorial:




  • The same good quality as the curlers, ceramic, long lasting shine and smoothness.
  • 1/2″ Ceramic Mini Straightener $60
  • 1″  Tourmaline-Ceramic Straightener $80


  • Curlers are $80 each
  • Babyliss Ceramic Hair Curler


Babyliss Pro Professional 30 Piece Roller Set $100

more info:


Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand $100

more info:

Available in black/pink


Babyliss Pro GTionic Dryer II $100 (ceramic& ionic)

More info:

Babyliss Pro Mega Turbo Dryer  $80

More info:


Babyliss Pro Ionic Thermal Brush $85 (2 sizes available 34mm/ 50mm)

More info:


Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Airstyler 2885U (50mm) $140

more info:

Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Airstyler (42mm) $140

for more info:


Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver $100 (black/pink)

BaByliss Curl Secret (consumer version) $280 /BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl (Professional) $420

(known as  MIRACURL in US) 

Beware of fakes out there!

more info:



  • Pay via transfer to DBS Savings Plus (a/c 0232039609)
  • Email me at with the template below after your made payment together with the reference number.

Real name: Annie Tan (fill your own name)
Item name: Babyliss PRO 32mm curler
Address: 123 Beauty Ave Blk 123 #01-01 Singapore 123456
mobile: 91234567
Amount transferred: $xx
Bank details: DBS Savings Plus A/C 0232039609 (please state own bank account)
Mode of payment: Internet banking (or ATM)
I-banking nickname: preciousia
Reference of payment made: 532786
Courier delivery time preference: 5-8pm


  • Before 12 noon
  • 12-5pm
  • 5-8pm


  • Once a week

Delivery option


  • You can paypal me the amount and be protected by your credit card/paypal.
  • If you don’t receive the goods, you can be reimbursed by paypal or your credit card company.
  • Note: you have to add 5% extra to cover paypal fees.
  • I have been doing this spree since 2009, there are testimonials from people on the forums.

How long do i have to wait?

  • 0-3 weeks
  • Depends on what you are getting.
  • Currently, all the straighteners, 32mm curler, 38mm curler etc

What if the item is out of stock?

  • We will refund (please ensure you provide your bank details)


Contact :

  • email
  • whatsapp +6581829885

Nothing is impossible

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When someone tells you that you can’t do something…

 photo image001.jpg

Look around…

 photo image002.jpg

Consider all options…

 photo image003.jpg

Then GO for it!

 photo image004.jpg

Use all the things God gave you!

 photo image005.jpg

Be creative!

 photo image006.jpg

In the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong!

 photo image007.jpg

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

See this motivational video

Curling Tips

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Hi babes
Some tips to share with you

Have learnt it the hard way.
Tips taken from a few stylists, magazines, other helpful bloggers and from doing it the wrong way.

Babyliss has won number 1 in the hair curler category for 3 years in a row (source: Instyle Mag Award)
My stylist uses Babyliss too.
The rich technique combined with excellent products will give you much nicer curls.
Hope this helps you gals
Before Curling
Heat protection products work by coating the hair and lubricating it during heat styling.
This conditioning effect reduces the amount of damage caused by blowdryers, curling irons and flat irons.

  • Use a thermal/heat protector (protect your hair). This is a must!
  • Apply your heat protector when your hair is damp (easier to spread evenly)
  • Use it liberally esp on the ends of your hair. Skip your scalp.
  • For the heat protectant,  Chi Silk Infusion is one of THE BEST I have tried.
    You can apply the Chi Silk Infusion on either wet or dry hair. It really deep moisturise my hair, protects it and doesn’t weigh it down unlike other heat tamers. You only need a 5cents size quantity.
  • Tresemme Heat Tamer is good too, it’s a bigger bottle than Chi but i end up using the Tresemme faster.

For those with extra hard to curl hair.  (optional)

  • Some people find that the curls from the 2 largest curler; 32 and 38mm doesn’t last as long as they like.
  • Proper technique matters too. When i curl poorly, the curls don’t last as long as when i do it right.
  • Maybe you have rebonded your hair before or maybe your hair is just hard to curl.
  • You could use a product together with the heat protector to give that extra “power” to hold your curls.
  • For Salon professional range of products, try the Tresemme Curl Activator Spray for the mousse to hold your curl.
  • Apply Tresemme Curl activator Spray when your hair is 90% dry.
  • Alternatively, you can hairspray the section you are curling prior to curling to help it last longer.
  • If you still find 32/38mm is too loose for you, try 25mm curler.

During curling

  • Curl your hair only when it is dry (the curler is not meant to be used with damp hair)
  • Ensure the heat is right. The Babyliss curler has 25 heat settings.
  • Asian hair is nornally thicker than Caucasians, use heat setting 18-25
  • Divide and section your hair
  • Ensure each section of your hair has even contact with the curler.
  • Don’t play cheat and take too big bunch of hair esp for big curlers as some hair won’t get curled
  • You can avoid curling your ends (protect from spilt ends)
  • Don’t get burnt! Please be careful.
  • No need to buy expensive heat protector mat to rest your curler, use any old towel instead.


  • You can hair spray each section of hair as you curl it to help the curls last longer
  • You can clip the completed curls up on one side while curling the other side to maintain the curls.
  • Note, when your hair is still hot/warm, the curls can still straighten, so try not to tug, straighten or comb through your hair.
  • Use the cool air blast from your hairdryer to set the curls.

After curling

  • Don’t just press the off button. Take the plug OUT from the socket. This helps to make your curler last longer!
  • Use hair spray to set your style.
  • Try to use a hair spray that doesn’t dry out your hair or make your hair hard.
  • When i observe my hair stylist setting hair after curling with curling iron, he sprays a good amount of hairspray…
  • Be generous with your hairspray. You can afford to be heavy-hand with it.
  • Poor quality hairspray makes your hair hard.
  • Curls always crave shine and moisture.
  • Chi Shine infusion Thermal Polishing Spray  makes application of freshly curled hair so easy. it adds shine, and controls frizz. Best of all, by spraying the shine, it is easy to apply and i avoid pulling my curls straight.
  • No more tugging and straightening the hair. It is an innovative weightless thermal active shine spray that provides an instant polished shine to all hair styles. Furthermore, it helps to repair spilt ends, eliminate frizz & flyaways.
  • Do hair treatments regularly. Jennifer Hawkins (former Ms Universe from Australia) said she does some treatment every other day coz she likes to have very healthy hair.
  • Curling your hair can evaporate the moisture, so put moisture & protein back with a gd leave in hair treatment.
  • Chi Keratin Mist  is a protein treatment, it helps to give hair strength, shine, locking in moisture, protection, reconstructs the inner structure of the hair as well as softening hair. Use daily as a leave in treatment on towel dried hair.

All the products mentioned here can be purchased online, email or

Do note that using the curling iron on yourself takes practice to make it perfect.

If you got a good relationship with your stylist, i am sure he/she don’t mind showing you how to curl your hair properly or give you some tips. Can just bring your curler along to your next hair appointment.

Hope to hear from you all
All the best gals.


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